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Wild Women's Retreat


Join our wild women’s retreat to reconnect with your inner self, creativity, sensuality & wisdom within. Retreat for a week in a small seaside village in Montenegro and embark on a journey of self love, sisterhood and awakening your wild woman within. Moving freely, singing & chanting, eating wholesome meals, laughing, and dancing under the moon with like minded women from all around the world. No matter your age, size, background or yoga level – every woman (and those identify as such) is welcome & loved for who they are. 

24 April – 01 May 2022 – Booked out!
29 May – 5 June 2022 – Booked out!
26 June- 3 July 2022 – 1 spot left!
24 – 31 July 2022 – booked out!
21 – 28 August 2022 – booked out!
18 – 25 September 2022 – Booked out!

Email us at contact@mahakala-retreats.com to join the waiting list for the dates that are booked out. 

Discounts and scholarship positions available for women from the local Balkan region and with low socioeconomic backgrounds.

“I hope you will go out and let stories, that is life, happen to you, and that you will work with these stories… water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you yourself burst into bloom.”

Clarissa Pinkola Estés – Women Who Run With the Wolves

At a glance

Wild Women’s Retreat Inclusions:
7 nights accommodation at Mahakala Retreats
2 daily delicious vegan buffets
Daily yoga classes activating your feminine flow
Intro to feminine womb yoga
Creative self expression workshops
Movement, embodiment & dance classes
Women’s Coastal Voyage 
Sensuality & Egyptian Alchemy Workshop 
Menstrual Cycle Education 
Fire Ceremony at the beach

Sample Daily schedule

Every day there will be different workshops and activities, this is just an example of a typical day:
07:30 -9:00 Morning Feminine Yoga Flow
09:30-10:30 Vegan brunch
11:00 Free time to explore or excursion
15.30-17:00 Menstrual Cycle Workshop
17:00-18:00 Vegan dinner
19:00-20:30 Restorative Moon Yoga

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Yoga, Meditation & Movement

We aim to teach a feminine yoga practice where you can move freely and reconnect to your feminine flow. Naturally women love to move their bodies in slow, fluid, sensual and mystical ways reflecting their physical curves and cyclical nature. But much of the yoga and movement practiced these days is angular, directional and lineal reflecting the mascluien energy. In our Wild women’s retreat we take you on a  journey of movement that promotes softening to the feminine. 

There will also be plenty of dancing, chanting and learning how you can adjust your practice to your menstrual cycle. During the week there will also be a full or waning moon ceremony which will ignite the wild female fire within. There will also be plenty of time for resting, reading, journaling and time to focus on your own journey of self-love and growth.

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Creativity, Sensuality & Cyclical Wisdom

We will dive into nurturing activities and rituals cultivating self love, sensuality, creativity and body acceptance.

Menstrual Cycle & sensuality

Our Menstrual cycle workshop cultivate a relationship of respect, nurture and connection with your bodies and cycles. Each day of the menstrual cycle, we experience subtle changes hormonally, emotionally, and energetically. When we start to acknowledge and understand these shifts we respect the truth of our bodies and learn to work with our rhythms, rather than against them.

Body acceptance & art

We live in a world where women are constantly comparing their bodies and are not often allowed to talk about their insecurities. We want to create a safe place to share our experiences and talk about taboo topics in the hopes that by removing the stigma we can all learn to love ourselves as we are.

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Connecting to mother nature

Us women have an inherited gift to connect with Mother nature. In many ways, the feminine and nature share similar qualities and an innate rawness that over time has tried to be tamed. Nature has been a place for women to come together, to heal, to connect. We want to encourage our guests to find and embrace this healing connection back with our mother, where we all come from and are always part of. 

The Montenegrin nature in it’s wilderness offers a beautiful and unique opportunity to practise this. Immerse yourself and explore Montenegro by foot with many walking trails on turquoise coastal beaches, lush hills and valleys, or go for a swim in the clearest turquoise water in the Adriatic Sea. 

A private boat tour exploring Montenegro’s coastline and visit a tiny uninhabited island topped with a historic church, see coastal caves you can swim in, and stop off at a beach that can only be reached by boat.

At the Restore yoga Retreat

Spaces & Sustainability

Taking care of Mother nature is one of the most fundamental things in we can do in today’s world. Therefore at Mahakala, we always aim to base our decisions and actions in ways that are as environmentally responsible as possible. 

We are passionate about this topic and Mahakala as a yoga centre has been built following sustainable principles. Our kitchen is fully plantbased with a no waste policy, we source our fresh water from the mountains, grow food in our own organic garden and source the remaining from local farms. We keep our appliances eco-friendly with salt water filtration applications, bio septic sewage systems and solar power for our hot water system. 

Since protecting the Earth is so close to our hearts, we want to offer our guests a chance to participate in a sustainability workshop where they can learn more about the principles of sustainability and become more aware of the power of lifestyle choices. Additionally, we have decided to put our profits into building a conservation project in hopes to conserve the beautiful Buljarica Cove which serves as a sanctuary for the local wildlife. 

Our centre is located in the small seaside village of Buljarica in Montenegro, cradled by mountains with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by the four elements of earth, air, sun and water, the setting of the Mahakala Retreat provides an energising natural balance.

The center is located on a steep hill between the local mountainside houses, only a 15-minute walk from the local beach. Our beautiful facilities include a spacious yoga shala with mountain & sea views, a rooftop relaxation area with a jacuzzi, zen garden, outdoor bathtubs, a lounge area with hammocks, a spa & detox centre along with many other areas dedicated for relaxation.

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Plant-based Cuisine

Mahakala’s nutritious & delicious vegan food is wholesome, fresh and always homemade. At each meal, we offer a number of dishes from freshly made pastries to salads made of homegrown vegetables to ensure there is always something for everyone. There are no complicated detox programs, just nutritious food created with love. The menu and recipes are created by Dr. Vesna Lemm, a doctor specialising in nutrition & detox, also one of the founders of Mahakala.

 Our main aim is to share practical information and knowledge about healthy lifestyle choices and nutrition with our guests. Thus, during each meal, we teach our guests the nutritional content of the meal followed by meaningful health tips that they can implement at home. During the retreat, you will also have the chance to participate in a fermentation workshop where you will learn to ferment vegetables yourself.

We offer 2 daily homemade vegan buffets. Our meal times are based on a powerful intermittent fasting philosophy (our favourite health tip!). This involves two highly nutritious meals per day (served at 9:30 and 17:00).

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Wellness & Spa

Taking a moment to relax in our hectic world is absolutely essential for us all. Relax in our rooftop spa as often as you like; enjoy the infra-red sauna and dip into the salt water (eco) Jacuzzi with the view of the surrounding mountains and the sparkling sea.

One of our co-founders, Dr Vesna Lemm, specialises in detoxing and therefore at Mahakala, we know the importance of detoxing for our optimal health. Thus we offer a variety of treatments that help your body to detox from accumulated environmental toxins so that you can feel your best.

During your retreat, you will also have the opportunity to book different individual treatments including; bodywork (massages), peelings, detox treatments & floral outdoor bath experiences. 

At the Wild Women's Retreat

Accommodation & Prices

Prices for 8 days/7 nights retreats including all activities, excursions, accommodation & plant based buffets. 

Shared Dorm Room – 910 €

Private Basic Ensuite – 1210 € 

Private Mountain or Seaview Ensuite – 1510 €

Basic Ensuite (2 People) – 1860 € price for two people

Mountain or Seaview Ensuite (2 People) – 2160 € price for two people 

Private Apartment (2 People) – 2360 € price for two people

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