mahakala. x collective

A tale of joy

Sicily Festival Retreat

5- 11 October 2023

Tale of joy calls you forward to reconnect with your authenticity, inspiration and inner JOY. A soul-awakening multisensory journey of self-exploration, reconnection to your intentions and creativity, 7 days of nourishment, sacred activism, community gathering and fun.
Tale of Joy is an ode to this wondrous mystery we call life! Together we will be harvesting the light and creating joyous memories before the winter comes around.

After an incredible first edition last year, this festival-retreat will again take place in Sicily, in the fertile soils of Etna Volcano.

This retreat gives us an opportunity to explore various types of movement, sound and creation, teaching us the art of presence and allowing us to discover the body and mind’s natural intelligence. The mornings are dedicated to silence and practice whilst the afternoons and evenings are structured as an intimate festival including various types of creative activities.

This special journey is a celebration for being alive and connected with ourselves, mother earth and each other whilst having a strong focus on healing, arts, education and community spirit.

A paradigm shift‚ is what we desire to achieve on these days in Sicily: a paradigm shift in the way we connect with spirituality, in the way we interact with nature and our fellow beings. We desire to create an environment where we can learn to be content and happy rather than greedy and ambitious.
Nature has enough for everyone‘s need; not everyone‘s greed‘

If you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot, please emails on


Meditation & Yoga│Dance floor meditation │Ecstatic dance│Movement research│Discover your inner rhythm│Sacred activism│Sound journeys│Singing circle│Fire ceremonySongwriting and stream of consciousness│Cacao Ceremony│Volcano excursion│Sensory jewellery workshop│Dj sets│Physical theatre│Emotional laboratory

THE PLACE “Femmina morta”

A place of art, meetings, concerts, retreats, ceremonies and parties, as well as a holiday villa, but above all, a place where nature transports us into peace of mind, into mysticism, in the search for harmony.Located on the East coast of Sicily, between Pozzillo and Carruba, next to the Etna the land stretches for seven hectares into a palm nursery where chickens roam around among lemon, mango and avocado trees. The property is large with a lot of private space, there is a pool and a gorgeous yoga shala with beautiful vieres of Etna. The beach is 20min walk away.


Shared dorm (5-6 people) – 750€ only 1 spot left!
Shared triple room – 950€ only 2 spots left!
Shared double room – 990€ only 4 spots left!
Camping (tents) – Sliding scale 400-550€

for 7 days (6 nights) retreat including all classes, workshops, excursions, accommodation & 2 vegetarian meals a day

a deposit of 300€ is required to reserve your spot. If you have any questions or would like to reserve your spot, please emails on

Due to the festive nature of this retreat, we are able to accommodate a bigger group, and the estimated group size will be around 30-40 people


Mahakala Retreats has been the cradle for the formation of a magical team of peculiar characters teaching different disciplines of yoga and self-awareness connected by a common attribute: an open heart.

As the heart is the center of healing, we need to tune inwards to harmonise ourselves with nature and each other. The mission of our collective is to spread love and connection in the world we live in.
The message is an ODE TO JOY, for being alive and connected with ourselves, mother earth and each other.

The collective organises this special festival/retreat once a year. It has a strong base in yoga, arts, music, education, community spirit and wellbeing – not only physical but also mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental.
Through this special gathering we explore various types of movement medicine, mindfulness practices and utilise sound and art in an innovative way to unlock and delve into our creative side so that we can become conscious creators of our own life.

If you still ask yourself: “Is this the right retreat for me?” 

Maybe these questions help you to make the decision for yourself:

Do I feel comfortable to share a room with other people?

Can I handle bad weather in case it rains? (Remember there is no bad weather, only bad clothing!)

Am I willing to share my journey with others?

Am I willing to help and care about others to provide a beautiful and save space for everybody?

Do I like the thought of being connected to my wild and creative energy?

Am I willing to dive into an unknown experience without expectations and allow myself to be there with my full heart?

If you said yes to all these questions: this retreat is made for you!!

If there are some no´s: Maybe we can help you with your questions or maybe our other retreats are more suited for you.


To reach the villa we can organise for you a transportation by taxi from the airport of Catania. The cost is 50 euros. Please let us know in advance in case you decide for this option.
Alternately you can take a bus to Catania Central Station and from there a train to Carruba for the total cost of 8 euros (easily explained on Google map). We will pick you up at Carruba station (5 minutes away from the villa)