Sacred Women's Retreat

Womanhood, ceremony, kundalini yoga, deep self-exploration

A week long retreat that immerses you in the female wisdom, ceremonies, sharings and self-exploration and expression. This is a retreat that allows you to dive deep into what it means to be a woman and be connected with other women. Through daily rituals, sharing circles, kundalini yoga, tantric practices and feminine movement flows, you will be getting in touch with your inner wise woman. This is a perfect retreat for you if like to explore your womanhood on a deeper level.

21-27 May 2023 – booked out!t
25 June – 01 July 2023 – 4 spots left!
10-16 September 2023 – 3 spots left!

only a 30% deposit is needed to reserve a spot


6 nights accommodation│2 daily organic plant based buffets│daily morning kundalini or hatha yoga class│sharing circles│sound journeys & ceremonies│sacred sensuality & tantric philosophy│sacred activism │nature exploration│shuttle service 


8:00 – 9:30 Kundalini & Hatha Yoga Flow
10:00 -11:00 Plant based brunch
15:00-17:00 Importance of rituals & the elements in nature
17:00-18:00 Plant based dinner
19:00-20:30 Fire Ceremony & sharing circle


During this retreat, we dig deeper into various topics and practices such as kundalini yoga, rituals, tantra, and sacred ceremonies. We use daily kundalini yoga practices for you to get in touch with the deepest parts of yourself, through movement and breath release what needs to be released and learn how to cultivate and embody your own creative energy. 

 For generations, women have gathered together and used rituals to connect themselves with the present moment, each other and nature. On this retreat, we will introduce the power of rituals and ceremonies, connect with our instinctual senses and learn through storytelling and deep listening.

As women, we face increasing amounts of everyday pressures and responsibilities and it is easy to forget the beauty of womanhood. This week-long journey allows you to remember the sacredness of being a woman and connect with your intuitive nature.


Us women have an inherited gift to connect with nature. In many ways, the feminine and nature share similar qualities and an innate rawness that over time has tried to be tamed. Nature has been a place for women to come together, to heal, to connect. We want to encourage you to find and embrace this healing connection back with the Earth where we all come from and are always part of. The Montenegrin nature in its wilderness offers a unique opportunity to practise this.

THE PLACE “Mahakala Retreats”

Our homely centre is located in the small seaside village of Buljarica in Montenegro, cradled by the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by the four elements of earth, air, sun and water, the setting provides an optimal space for healing. Located on a steep hill between local houses, a 15-minute walk from the local beach. Our facilities include; shala with mountain & sea views, plant based kitchen, rooftop relaxation area with jacuzzi, outdoor bathtubs, outdoor lounge and a spa. 

Sustainability and taking care of the earth is one of Mahakala’s main values. Our kitchen is fully plant based with a no waste policy, we source our food from local family owned organic farms and we source all of our water from the mountain spring. 

Mahakala is a space where people can find community, connect deeply with nature, and rediscover a sense of balance.


To reserve a spot for a retreat only a 30% deposit if required. 

1 person options: 

  • Shared Dorm Room – 1090€
  • Shared Double Ensuite – 1190€
  • Shared Double Mountain or Seaview Ensuite – 1 290€
  • Shared Seaview Apartment – 1390
  • Private Basic Ensuite – 1450
  • Private Mountain or Seaview Ensuite – 1750€

2 people options:

  • Basic Ensuite (2 People) – 2380€ price for two people
  • Mountain or Seaview Ensuite (2 People) – 2580€ price for two people 
  • Private Apartment (2 People) – 2780€ price for two people

for 7 days (6 nights) retreat including all classes, workshops, excursions, accommodation & 2 vegan buffets a day.

Discounts & scholarship positions available for woman in the local balkan region. 


Mahakala’s nutritious vegan food is wholesome, fresh and always homemade. At each buffet, we offer a number of dishes from freshly made bread to salads made of homegrown vegetables, ensuring there is always something for everyone. All of our food is crafted in our home kitchen by local Montenegrin women. There are no complicated detox programs, just nutritious food created with love. To ensure a balanced vegan diet the menu is curated by Dr Vesna Lemm, a detox & nutrition specialist. 

We offer 2 daily homemade vegan buffets. Our meal times are based on a powerful intermittent fasting philosophy (our favourite health tip!). This involves two highly nutritious meals per day (served at 9:30 and 17:00). During the day we serve plenty of seasonal fruits, spring water and herbal teas. Additionally coffee can be purchased from our coffee shop.

Marijana Lemm

Teaches all sacred women’s retreats

Women’s space holder, tantra yoga teacher & plant enthusiast. Marijana is one of the founders of Mahakala, in the last 5 years she has poured heart into creating Mahakala and the community. During this time she discovered her passions of working with women as well as the earth, and how these are interlinked. She teaches women to connect to themselves & the natural world through ceremonies, storytelling and rituals. She has invested a lot of her time studying & working in ecology, conservation, post capitalist systems, permaculture and has implemented these philosophies into Mahakala. 

Linnea Elisa

Teaches all sacred women’s retreats

Vinyasa, kundalini & yin yoga teacher, space holder and women’s life coach. Linnea’s own experiences and studies in psychology lead her to understand the importance and interconnection between our emotions, experiences, mind and body. She learned to combine movement and human psychology, establishing practices that allow you to get deeply in touch with your true inner self. Linnea encourages you to always follow the wisdom of your own body and soul as the greatest guide in your life, both on and off the mat – you already have everything within you to make your dreams come true. In addition to giving classes and workshops, Linnea offers one-on-one coaching and psychological support.

Anja Simone

Teaches: 21-27 May 2023 

Trauma – informed Yin/Vinyasa/Aerial Yoga teacher, dance teacher, social & body worker, animal enthusiast. From helping people to talk about their emotions as a social worker to express them when the words are missing through movement, Anja invites you to release through exploration and play. Her mission is to encourage you to embrace every side of you, even the darkness, fears and mistakes, because it’s nothing we need to be afraid of. Especially with the help of the aerial hammock you can play with your boundaries & fears, enjoy your sensuality and have faith in yourself.

Paola Nikté

Teaches: 21-27 May 2023

Paola Nikté is a traditional midwife and traditional healer, she inherited this gift from her Maya ancestors, her family comes from a lineage of traditional midwives and healers of the Maya Yokot’an, Kaua and Zoque traditions of southern Mexico. With her work she honours their ancestors and continues the tradition of her grandmothers, preserving knowledge and ancient rituals that help women in all their cycles (menstruation, fertility, infertility, pregnancy, menopause) thus promoting physical, spiritual, emotional and mental well-being. Using different techniques, combining ancestral medicine, honouring Mother Earth and the sacred energies that coming from her.

Giulia Anna Maria

Teaches: 25 June – 01 July 2023

Iyengar Yoga Teacher, yoga improvisation leader, gong player, dancer, spiritual guide. Giulia believes we can change the world by transforming ourselves. She started practising yoga as a teenager and completed a 3 year Iyengar Yoga teacher training in 2018. She managed a yoga studio in Berlin. Dancing, meditation and singing mantras are nearly always part of her yoga classes. She moves you into the present and your curiosity, authenticity and pleasure so you can surrender to what you are, build the courage to express your physical stories and understand your ability to transform through the power of movement.

Maria Torres

Teaches: 25 June – 01 July 2023 

Artist, student of the Veda and explorer of the subtle realms of life. Maria offers a creative approach to the awakening of the spiritual senses grounded in techniques of self-care & self-exploration for the multidimensional contemporary woman. With over a decade of dedicated study of the Vedic World View and a deep curiosity on Occult Teachings and Hermetic Philosophy, she offers spiritual support to individuals, families and companies through the Art of Channeling. Maria dreams of a world where every single human being has fully awaken and refined their subtle senses, so we may enjoy our life in full capability of human consciousness.

Moika Ike Uwa

Teaches: 10-16 September 2023

Intuitive women’s coach, meditation mentor, sound healer and nature enthusiast. Moika invites you to a slower and more conscious way of living, where there is space to follow your natural rhythm as a woman, where there is space to breathe, to be. She teaches you to reconnect with nature, in a way you may have forgotten. With the help of different meditation flows emerged with movement you are invited to come home to yourself as a woman. In addition, Moika immerses you in the beautiful world of cyclical life and allows you to explore your sensuality and kundalini energy.


We recommend booking a flight that arrives at Podgorica Airport (TGD). There is a free shuttle for our guests from Podgorica Airport (TGD) that leaves the airport on Sundays at 15:00 and leaves back to the airport from Mahakala Retreat at 10:00 the following Saturday. There is only one shuttle per way per week. If it doesn’t suit you, we know local taxi drivers that are happy to help you.

If you are not able to fly into Podgorica, there is also another airport in Tivat Airport. You can take a taxi from Tivat airport to our center for around 40 euros or there is also a bus.

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Google Rating
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