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Movement & Sound Retreat

In today’s world, it is easy to live in a state of continuous disconnection from our inner-selves with the increasing usage of technology and distractions coming from all around us. Therefore, we need the healing properties of movement and sound more than ever – and this is what this special retreat has been built upon. During this week, we will tap into our true selves and find our creativity and playfulness that we all inherently have. We will explore the art of presence, one’s own authenticity, creativity and the body and mind’s natural intelligence by diving into our own abilities and tapping into all of our senses with the help of movement and sound. 

You will be guided through a process of authentic self-expression to let go of what doesn’t serve you and recharge your inner-self, so that you can embody the person that you truly are.

Dates: 19- 26 June 2022 – Booked out

At a glance


7 nights all-inclusive accommodation at Mahakala Retreats
2 daily homemade vegan buffets
Yoga & Movement classes
Dance Floor Meditation
Yoga meets Dance 
Afro Beats
Ecstatic Dance
Finding your inner rhythm
Sound Journeys
Songwriting in the wilderness
Introduction to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
Singing circle
Cacao Ceremony
Wilderness walks
Coastal boat adventure

Sample day:
07:45 -9:00 Morning movement flow
09:30-10:30 Vegan brunch
15:30-16:30 Songwriting in the wilderness
17:00-18:00 Vegan dinner
19:00-20:00 Finding your inner Rhythm

Mahakala is not just a place – it’s a philosophy. Our aim is to combine different traditional practices with various workshops based on science as well as holistic approaches. We offer our guests a broad range of experiences where they can further explore and understand the medicine of movement and connect with their bodies as well as to come back home to their inner self.

Body, emotions and thoughts weave our sense of identity and our lives. Therefore, changing the way we use and treat our bodies has an enormous effect on our entire being. On this retreat, we will explore our bodies freely, inviting curiosity into our journey, opening new paths for movement and creativity, and making space to sense and observe all that we are. No matter what physical or mental state you start with, our workshops and classes on this retreat are created to improve your general health and attitude towards your body as well as to find new ways for self-expression and true happiness. You will have access to different somatic practices and sound journeys: a combination of yoga, different kinds of dance, breath exercises, body conditioning, improvisation, sound creation, and vocalisation. This is a week of healing, fun and authentic connection.


The teachers

Meet our our inspiring & talented teachers who will help guide you through this journey of movement & sound

Giulia Anna Maria

Yoga & Movement teacher

I firmly believe we can change the word by transforming ourselves. I started practising yoga as a teenager and I completed a 3 year Iyengar Yoga TTC in 2018. I teach different styles of Yoga, Yoga Improvisation (a mix of yoga & dance) and play the gong. Dancing, meditation and singing mantras are nearly always part of my yoga classes. We will move into the present, into curiosity, authenticity and pleasure to be able to surrender to what we are, build the courage to express our physical stories and understand our ability to transform through the power of movement.

Finnegan Tui

Musican & songwriter

I’m in love with sound and making songs. I hope to share what I can about self exploration through creativity, working on internal archetypal inquisition through poetry, story and song. Learning to distil something wild and articulate its core essence can teach us to be more ourselves and nurture a sense of curiosity, groundedness and excitement about our lives and the world around us.


dance teacher

I grew up practicing classical ballet, jazz ballet and hiphop. Later in life, I have discovered many other dance styles and I’m currently practising afro beats, dance hall, hiphop and salsa among a few other styles. Dancing has allowed me to explore myself in many different ways and it has helped me to be comfortable in my own skin. This is what I want to share with others as well. Often people think they can’t dance but dancing is not about looking good but it rather serves as a tool for expression of oneself, one’s emotions and feelings. It is about having fun, enjoying and laughing. Dance can free the soul if you allow it to. 


  • Shared Dorm Room – 840 €
  • Private Basic Ensuite – 1140 
  • Private Mountain or Seaview Ensuite – 1440 €
  • Shared Double Ensuite – 860€
  • Shared Double Mountain or Seaview Ensuite – 1010€
  • Basic Ensuite (2 People) – 1720 € price for two people
  • Mountain or Seaview Ensuite (2 People) – 2020€ price for two people 
  • Private Apartment (2 People) – 2220€ price for two people

We also have discounts and scholarship positions available for locals from the Balkan region and 

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Google Rating
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