Our story

Mahakala’s mission is simple: to create a place where people can recharge and reconnect.

We are a Non-Profit Yoga  Retreat based in a village in Montenegro, a peaceful haven of coastal beauty and mountain vistas. As a mother-daughter team, we founded Mahakala as a homely retreat for anyone who wants to recharge and reconnect with their inner selves. We believe that, in our hectic world, this is the purest medicine of all.

Our Story

The Founders

Marijana Lemm

Co-FOUNDER & ceo

Marijana founded her first small business at PCA University in England in 2017. A sustainable, up-cycling fashion company named Mahakala. Just one year later she began to pour her heart into estabablishing Mahakala Yoga Retreat with her Mother, further integrating her eco-friendly values. After initially setting up the website and being responsible for the marketing she took over the role of  CEO in 2019. Taking over the major role of running the orginsation. She is the loving heart of Mahakala. She has also done her 300hr Yoga teacher training as well as her meditation training. 

Dr Vesna Lemm


Dr Vesna Lemm is a 770 hours-certified Sivananda yoga teacher as well as a general and holistic doctor in Berlin. She has one of the top holistic clinics in Germany. She is a midwife, woman’s health & detox expert and nutritional therapist with great knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Her personal journey with yoga started in 2013 and it didn’t take long until she felt the urge to share the happiness and spiritual connection yoga had given her. Vesna is the mother and the driving force of Mahakala, full of energy and passion. 

Eco friendly retreat

Sustainability at the heart of Mahakala

Caring for ourselves and others, we also make it easier for you to care for the planet. The Mahakala eco yoga retreats are designed with sustainability in mind. Our plant-based retreats nourish you and allows us to utilise the single biggest way to reduce your impact on planet Earth, by being vegan. A plant-based diet helps to minimise greenhouse gases, global acidification, land and water use.

We source fresh water from the mountains, keep our appliances eco-friendly, and use salt water filtration application, organic sewage systems and solar. We support the community and reduce air miles, aiming to source local produce wherever possible.

Constantly wanting to improve, our objective is to eradicate single-use plastics and grow as much of the food we provide to guests in our organic garden. 

Retreat Cuisine

A Plant Based Yoga Retreat

Our delicious vegan food offering is wholesome and varied. From fresh pastries to homegrown veggies, there is something for everyone. There are no detoxes or diet plans, just nutritious food created with love.

We use intermittent fasting program, which means we serve two nutritional meals per day. The benefits of intermittent fasting include improved brain function, better digestion, skin and immune system as well as weight loss in the long term. 

Google Rating
Based on 53 reviews
Google Rating
Based on 53 reviews