Our story

Mahakala’s mission is simple: to create a place where people can recharge and reconnect.

In today’s hectic world it can be hard to find time to detach from the societal rush and relax. When your week is full of deadlines and responsibilities, it may feel like you’re chasing one goal after another without taking a step back to consider what it is that you really need. Taking care of yourself is the most important thing of all, and treating yourself with kindness will help those around you to bloom too. As a small and independent mother-daughter team, we founded Mahakala to create a space for anyone who wants to recharge and reconnect with their inner selves. A space where people can find community, connect deeply with nature, and rediscover a sense of balance. We support you to return to simple habits and rituals, and to forge a deeper sense of connection with yourself. Montenegro always felt like the perfect place for creating our beloved Mahakala as it is where our ancestors come from.

The Founders

Marijana Lemm

Co-FOUNDER & ceo

Marijana founded her first small business at PCA University in England in 2017. A sustainable, up-cycling fashion company named Mahakala. Just one year later she began to pour her heart into estabablishing Mahakala Yoga Retreat with her Mother, further integrating her eco-friendly values. After initially setting up the website and being responsible for the marketing she took over the role of  CEO in 2019. Taking over the major role of running the orginsation. She is the loving heart of Mahakala. She has also done her 300hr Yoga teacher training as well as many courses on ecology and regenerative food farming.  

Dr Vesna Lemm


Vesna is a medical Doctor and Sivananda yoga teacher, medicine and helping people with their health is her passion in life. She has one of the top holistic clinics in Berlin, Germany. She is a midwife, woman’s health & detox expert and nutritional therapist with great knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine. Her personal journey with yoga started in 2013 and it didn’t take long until she felt the urge to share the happiness and spiritual connection yoga had given her. Vesna is the mother and the driving force of Mahakala, full of energy and passion. She has build Mahakala with her own hands and infused the kitchen with her knowledge of nutrition and health.

Our Location


The retreat is located in the small seaside village of Buljarica in Montenegro, cradled by the mountains with breathtaking views of the Adriatic Sea. Surrounded by the four elements of earth, air, sun and water, the setting of the Mahkala Retreat provides an energizing natural balance. 

Montenegro is a small country in Eastern Europe, and with its diverse range of untouched natural landscapes it has a touch of fairytale magic. It is home to mountains and high pasture valleys, as well as over 35 lakes and the world’s largest clean water gorge. Log-cabin style mountain chalets exist alongside the sun kissed Adriatic coastline and its turquoise beaches, adding to the variety and charm of this small but beautiful land.

Buljarica is one of the most authentic and beautiful seaside towns in Montenegro. It is still an untouched gem of the Adriatic Coast, with its unique beach stretching for more than 2,250m. Buljarica is peaceful and has largely retained its authentic appearance, as it isn’t filled with hotel chains and other manmade developments. There are a handful of restaurants, a monastery and a small shop. We have close relationships with our local community and our neighbours, and in the summer season we tend to have more tourists and neighbours around us. If you prefer complete seclusion, we recommend that you visit us in the low season.  


Conserving the Buljarica Cove

At Mahakala, nature is very close to our hearts and we feel incredibly fortunate to have our sacred retreat centre amidst the beautiful Montenegrin nature. The beautiful cove that we get to call our home is one of the last remaining brackish marshes left on the Adriatic coast. It is a huge carbon sink and one of the most important wildlife habitats left on the coast. It is part of the ‘Adriatic flyway’ migratory route for a large number of birds. There are also other species that inhabit the area all year round, such as reptiles and insects and for example, there are 66 species of butterflies and 41 species of dragonflies living in this sanctuary.. It is a crucial ecosystem for the wildlife that inhabits the area. However, just as other coastal areas around the Adriatic, this sanctuary is also under threat from man-made developments; such as big marinas and luxury building complexes among many other developments.  

Due to this, we have decided to do our part and have decided that we will be putting a part of this year’s retreat resources and profits into building a conservation project in hopes to conserve these remaining wildlife areas of Buljarica cove. Additionally, we will be focusing on regenerating some of the older agriculture lands into community gardens and regenerative food forests providing the community with opportunities to become involved with. It is our aim to do our utmost to conserve and restore the natural environment that we are blessed to be surrounded by.

Eco friendly retreat

Sustainability at the heart of Mahakala

At Mahakala, sustainability and looking after our nature is close to our hearts. Our retreats are designed with sustainability in mind, and we not only aim to live following sustainability principles ourselves, but we also make it as easy as possible for our guests to do this too. We source fresh water from the mountains, keep our appliances eco-friendly with saltwater filtration application and utilise organic sewage systems, as well as solar power. We grow organic food in our own garden, and aim to source local and organic produce wherever possible, supporting our local community and reducing the environmental impact of the food we serve. 

We are continuously working to become even more sustainable, and as part of this we are planning to build a regenerative food growing system. This will be based on a food forest concept, and as well as supplying food for our retreats it will also allow us to teach people about the sustainable and ecological principles underlying the project. The health of our soil and plants not only impacts our wellbeing, but also affects our environment and wildlife. Agriculture is one of the biggest polluters and the use of pesticides and industrial farming methods is slowly damaging plants and animals and harming our health. Our mission is to have a positive impact on our planet and its ecosystems, and to educate people about how they can support their own health whilst taking care of the planet. 

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Google Rating
Based on 66 reviews