8 Eco friendly Gift Ideas that your Friends, Family, and the Planet Will Love


So much has happened in 2020 and we believe there has never been a more important year to do Christmas a little differently. Cherish time with your friends and family, and tread a little lighter. 

As Christmas approaches, we might feel more anxious about the gift we should buy for our loved ones. If you have no idea what to give this Christmas but want it to be a meaningful gift as well as sustainable, have a look at our list and find something that they will cherish and remember forever. 

We have set out to find the best eco friendly gifts for him and her that truly say “I care about you (and the future of our planet)”.


1. Gift climate neutrality

A sustainable gift that you get with a click! Help your family or loved one become carbon neutral this year. Gift a little lighter for the planet. 

In grade school, you heard that we inhale oxygen and exhale CO2, which plants use through the process of photosynthesis to create oxygen. Everyone during every action in life emits CO2. Even as a vegan, you emit around 4.2 tons of CO2 annually. Making your life sustainable and eco-friendly is a goal every one aspires to especially in this uncertain year. Mindfulness mission has developed a Christmas product, which is friendly towards the environment, and it is online! So how does it work?

  1. Visit my.mindfulmission.earth/en/gift and choose how many months you’d like to give.
  2. Tell Mindful Mission who will be receiving the Gift
  3. The gift card arrives via post or e-mail !
  4. Costs: €9,50 for one month (they take the average carbon dioxide emissions) 


2. A yoga retreat – a experience that is meaningful and memories that will be last forever

During these Covid times we have realised that focusing on our mental health is more important than ever as well as how much we miss travel ! Mahakala Center is offering covid safe retreats for summer 2021 for any one wanting to connect to nature, themselves and learn practical tools to slow down in such uncertain times. Mahakala Center is based in Montenegro in a small seaside village surrounded by mountains and fresh air. It is the perfect place to escape to the sea after such a crazy year. Vegan buffets, daily yoga classes, hiking, inspiring workshops, breathtaking boat tours and meeting like-minded people… what more would you want.

Give an experience that they will cherish forever. It can be for your daughter, your mother, your father or even your best friend.

Mahakala Center is providing personalised gift cards that can be used for 3 years, just send them an email on contact@mahakala-center.com. You can also just pay a portion of the retreat and ask others to contribute. 


3. Plant dyed and sustainable intimates

Socks have become somewhat of a cliche Christmas gift (though not necessarily an unwanted one if they’re eco friendly socks), so why not put a little spin on the holiday essentials by giving a pair of ethical underwear.

Another winter delight, dreamy intimates can be a game changer. There is nothing better than dancing around in the most comfy and beautiful intimates. 

Underwear from natural fabrics is not only healthier for our bodies but feels and looks great. Which makes it a perfect choice for your bestie or loved one. 

Our favourite brands are:


4. DIY twisted wick candles

DIY gifts are the most sustainable and caring gifts you can give. If you have time and patience, handmade gifts demonstrate your personal effort and love better than any other present. It carries your personal footprint as well as being less expensive. 

Candles are romantic which makes a perfect gift this Christmas for cosy dinner nights or baths. 

But the best thing about candles is that you can twist them into any form or shape! Making it from a candle to a beautiful decoration piece. Here is a little video to show how you can make easy twisted candles.


5. Bamboo & Linen Bed Sheets

If you seek something that is unique but requires a bigger budget, then bamboo and linen bed sheets are the perfect choice. There is no better feeling than waking up in sheets that you love drinking a hot herbal tea ! We have spent more time at home than ever this year so making your place a sacred space that you live in is important. Maybe this can even be a present to your partner or yourself. 

Our favourites


6. A dream & reflection journal

Good sleep & rest cures, but during these crazy times reflection and journaling has become more important than ever. With things around us changing daily and everything being so uncertain it is more important than ever to keep our inner worlds balanced. One of the best ways is to keep a journal. Journaling is a good way for purifying your thoughts and making sense of events and emotions, as well as manifestation! 

Our favourite journals are from Dreamy Moons –  www.dreamymoons.com.au/. They also have a Moon Journal for 2021 that your daughter or best friend would love. 


7. A pottery workshop

You wish to give an eco-friendly gift that also enhances creativity. Gift your friend a workshop at your local pottery studio or a home pottery set. Making pottery and working with your hands can be so therapeutic and can be done at home. 


8. Gift a tree

Who doesn’t love a good Christmas tree? Except this year, instead of chopping one down, plant one as a gift instead ! 

Or at the very least, buy them a gift from a brand that plants trees, like Tentree, which plants ten trees for every single purchase.

It won’t just put a fresh spin on the next special occasion, but a fresh spin on the planet by providing oxygen. Trees are a great way to not only beautify the world but counteract climate change. Trees are magical.

Whether you want to go out and buy a tree and plant it together or just purchase a tree planting through one of many organizations is up to you. Either way, you’re showing your loved one you care by investing a little in them and the future of our world.

There are some great organizations through which you can gift a tree:

  • One Tree Planted: This not-for-profit pools donations to help fund reforestation projects around the world, your tree donation will be directed to where it’s needed most. From One Tree Planted, you can also buy other tree related gifts (like a tree planting kit).
  • The Woodland Trust: Allows you to dedicate an existing tree (or trees) to someone special which helps fund the planting and protection of trees and woods across the UK.

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